Mohave Broadband
Q: How Fast is a Mohave Broadband Internet connection compared to my current phone line dial up account?
A: Our slowest available account is a 328k down and 128k up. That makes browsing the web on our slowest connection about ten times faster than the fastest dial up account offered by our competitors.  And it gets even faster than that.

Q: My current connection uses a phone line.  Either my line is busy while I am on it or I have to pay the phone company for an extra line each month on top of the Internet connection charges.  Does your connection have this drawback as well.
A: NO. With a Mohave Broadband connection you don't even have to have a phone line in the same house if you don't want to.  Our High speed Internet connection is done entirely separate from your phone and phone lines.

Q: Is Mohave Broadband a satellite connection like Star band, DirecTV, or Dish Network?
A: NO.  Mohave Broadband uses similar technology to our satellite competitors but our system is all earth based and our signal doesn't have to travel out into space and back before it works.  We feel that by eliminating this long distance of travel in the signal makes our broad band connection faster and more reliable than that of many of our competitors.

Q: I have moved. I need to update my address. How do I do that?
A: Yes you can. Please visit our self-service customer portal by clicking here.
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