Mohave Broadband
The Latest wireless technology to provide High Speed Internet access to the Tri-State communities.
Mohave BroadBand is a local company dedicated to providing quality broadband Internet services to local customers at a reasonable rate. At Mohave Broadband we realize that our very existence as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) depends on you, our customers, and the quality of Internet Services that we provide to you.
State-of-the-art WiFi
Mohave Broadband has partnered with existing merchants in your community to serve you better.  We have installed state-of-the-art WiFi equipment into our new facilities in this community because we believe that this community is a great place to live and is a good investment too.
We meet local needs
Since we are locally owned and operated our investment is in the local area and our profits are eventually returned to the community.  We are not a nationwide company that is dependent on boardroom decisions made elsewhere.  Mohave Broadband's decisions are made by people in this community, who live here and understand what it is like to live in the desert; and what the unique needs are for users in this area.
Consulting for Other Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs)
Not only are we a WISP, but we will also help you become a WISP in your area.  We can also get your hotel or RV park setup to provide internet service to customers no matter where it is in the USA.
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