Email settings for customers not using WebMail

  Email settings for MohaveBB

Username is your full email address, i.e. ""

Password is the one we gave you or you picked when you singed up for our services.

These settings should work with all stand-alone POP3 email clients like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, and iPhone/Android email apps.

Standard POP3/SMTP mail settings (non-secured)-

Incoming server:
Port: 110, normal login (or "auto" if available), no encryption (enable "POP before send" if available)

Outgoing Server:
Port: 26, enable SMTP Authentication

Both POP3 and SMTP servers should be logged into seperately, using the same username and password. Do not check the box that says "use the same login for your outgoing server settings" this is email client-dependant, so you may not see this option.


Secured POP3/SMTP mail settings (SSL/TLS)-

Incoming server:
Port: 995, check the box to use a secure (encrypted) connection using SSL/TLS

Outgoing server:
Port: 587, use SMTP authentication (check box) and encrypted connection using SSL/TLS or STARTTLS if you use Outlook. This is client-dependent and may require trial and error testing...

If you have trouble with these settings, feel free to contact tech support by clicking here.